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R&D and Innovation

Our company believes in strong innovation culture as the prime factor for company’s growth and sustainability. There are two distinct R&D labs available for high-end research activities in the areas of printing inks & coatings, as well as synthesis lab for cutting edge innovation in adhesives and binders. There is also an central instrumentation lab enriched with sophisticated analytical equipment’s to support the R&D activities. For supporting scale up activities there are separate industrialization areas available for pilot synthesis and ink preparation at designated areas. The dynamic and dedicated R&D team consisting of PhD’s, M.Tech’s, Chemistry post-graduates and engineering graduates are always engaged with finding out out-of-the box solutions to support our esteemed customers. In addition to our in-house library, we have taken membership of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) library to stay ahead of meeting local and global regulatory compliance. We are also determined to heavily invest towards the expansion of our R&D infrastructure.